Let’s Me Work With You For The Next 8 Weeks And Help You Totally Eliminate High Blood Pressure Using A Special Diet Plan And Lifestyle Changes

High blood pressure is also known as the silent killer

And with a name like that, it should really scare anyone living with it.

HBP is not a death sentence, but if it is not attacked fast, it can lead to heart attack, stroke, cardiac arrest and a few other life-threatening ailments.

If you want to get rid of high blood pressure fast, here are the things you need to

  • Get a meal plan that contains a high level of vegetables, fruits and whole grains
  • Add safe exercises into your daily routine
  • Cut down on alcohol, salt, caffeine and other food that allow HBP to breed.
  • Adjust to new lifestyle changes and minimize your stress levels

Most importantly, you need to work with a health coach to help you commit to the process

You see, doctors would always recommend lifestyle changes, better dieting, and stress management but since it's not their core duty to do so, most times, they don't tell you exactly what to do and how to do it.

That's why you need a health coach and consultant to help you get the result you desire

It is for this reason that I have taken it upon myself...

To bring you up close and show you exactly what you should be doing…

On this note, I want to welcome you into my personal space, my community, so I can work closely with you in order to help you get rid of that stubborn High Blood Pressure once and for all

  • Just give me 8 weeks let me open my vault of experience and show you how I have been helping people like you get rid of high blood pressure and live a healthy life.
  • Let me show you first hand how to manage stress and take on a super healthy lifestyle that would bring about a more healthy you.
  • Let me show you how eat right in a way that supports your health


Beat Down High Blood Pressure in 8 weeks Program


  • Daily check-in and daily access to the coach, so that we can be abreast of your daily progress to recovery and make amends where need be.
  • 2 detailed meal plans every 4 weeks- Every case is peculiar, so your meal plan would be prepared specially for you based on your calories and nutritional needs
  • Coaching call once weekly - We gather once a week with the other members of the program to get feedback on progress and prescribe the next course of action. This call would be for 8 weeks
  • Workout plans - Not all workouts are safe for you while trying to get rid of high blood pressure. In this program, we would prescribe the exact workout you should be doing for optimum result and recovery.
  • Detailed shopping guide
  • Lifestyle guides - We would recommend simple but result oriented lifestyle changes and also show you how to manage your stress levels.
  • After coaching Sustainability template - In order for you not to have a relapse after the 8 weeks is over, we will give you our sustainability template to keep using way after the class is over.

The results of our hand holding coaching program speaks for itself


What would it take for you to join this program?

Considering the time I am going to be investing for you to join this program - 8 weeks of my life to make sure you recover from High blood pressure .

That is not all, I will be making 2 specialized meal plans based on your calories and nutritional needs - you should already know that this isn’t an easy one.

I will also take out time out of my very busy schedule to be checking up on your progress.

Finally, my method has been proven to work and I know it’ll help you recover from High Blood Pressure in record time

Based on this, the fee for this program should not be less than 500,000 naira

Trust me, at that fee, it will still be very much worth it

But because my main concern is about getting you back to your health, so I would not ask you to pay that much

So, how much is required

You only get to pay just 150,000 naira and you will have an unrestricted access to the coaching program plus me holding you by hand to help you get result and recover from HBP.

I know you are about to say…

It’s still on the high side, i can’t afford it.

Well, take a quick count of how much you have spent on HBP pills - I will pause while you are at it.

Done with the calculation yet?

How much did it result to?

I bet it’s way more than 150,000 naira

Even if it’s not yet up to that amount because yours just started, before long it’ll come to that and even surpass it if you don’t take action right now

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